Traditional images:

Faith, hope and love…

Attitudes, ideas and opinions can also be tattooed. Traditional images have their supporters. Barbed wire, a dragon and a coat of arms grace the body of many, although the models and shapes are endlessly varied.

cover images

Hidden but not gone

Clashes of youth or thoughtless images. There are many reasons why a tattoo seems to need repairs or an entire cover-up. It depends on how dark the background image is and how scarred the skin has become, what kind of image can be designed on top of the old tattoo.

Each case must be evaluated separately.. The tattooist cannot remove the image from the skin, that department is part of plastic surgery, but you have to remember that the laser will also leave a scar. On the other hand, when the tattoo is professionally done and the subject has been carefully thought out, why should it be removed. A fashion and makeover can be a much better option!

small and cute..

Rose, Yin and Yang, Dolphin, Mini Tribal…

Especially women ask a lot for small and cute tattoos. For the first picture, you want something pretty, mostly for a slightly less exposed skin area. There are plenty of options: almost any kind of image can be used to create a tattoo that works on a very small scale.


Dictated by the spinal cord…

An imaginary world – sloppy, big, talkative, possibly a collaboration of several different techniques. Primitive images usually do not qualify under the word beautiful or pretty. They are images of power. They are the choices of people who have a clear goal and a fearless path to get there.

Rock paintings, Viking runes, pictures of Haida Indians, Mayan alphabet, Maori skin wallpaper. Human history is full of possibilities.


Black in many forms…

A small tribal can be stylish and timeless like a piece of jewelry, while someone else wants to convey strength and fearlessness with a great black image. Tribal images that remove devils have come a long way, nowadays the so-called tribal pictures don’t really represent anything and they don’t have any other symbolism in terms of content, it’s enough if the picture pleases the wearer’s eye.

The rings fly into the trash, but when you swear eternal love with tattoo rings, then it’s forever. Many friends or circles of friends also seal the common spirit with the same picture.

own ideas

Definitely unique…

Even if the same butterfly looks different on the shoulder of friends, many people want to choose an image for their tattoo that no one else has for sure.

You can find your own picture in a glossy picture or in an elementary school book. A good way to make a picture that fits your body is to design it together with a tattoo artist, in which case the picture is drawn directly on the leather, i.e. free hand design is used.