Cosmetic tattoos

At last, something to last forever…

Have you become allergic to make-up over the course of time? Is applying your make-up challenging because you wear glasses? Do you sweat profusely around your eyebrows when you train at the gym? Are you tired of all the pigmentation treatments time after time?

Why not tattoo your eyeliner, eyebrows and the outlines of your lips?

Wilma Schlizewski has 20 years of experience in facial tattooing. Maybe you want natural-looking 3D eyebrows or a fateful domina look. Perhaps you are after a seductive cat-like look or an innocent, almond shape to your eyes? Did a wound or herpes take a piece of your lip, or has age brought some wrinkles to your upper lip?

Why not save significant time with your morning routines!

In pigmentation, colors are used that contain Azo compound color pigments. These are similar to tattoo colors, but they do are not permanent. Instead, they are absorbed into the skin and gradually disappear.

Eyebrows, eyeliners, lip outlines, freckles and beauty marks should definitely be tattooed. As a person grows older, the color scale on their face changes and so it is safe to use hypodermic colors.

Alopecea (spot baldness), vitiligo, scars, changes in pigmentation, breast cancer scar and laser tattoo scar removal – these are just a few of the examples where cosmetic tattoos are used.
Solve your make-up challenges in one fell swoop!